Sept 29 at 3-6 pm. Starts at The Alcove Cantina

Come join us for the Sunday Funday Scavenger Hunt on May 19th from 3 to 6 pm. Get a group of your friends together or sign up solo and let us assign you to a group – any way you decide to participate you will have a blast. The event will kick off and end at The Alcove Cantina in downtown Round Rock.

Your registration includes:

  1. Three drink tickets
  2. Access to catered appetizers
  3. The Scavenger Hunt Event

Check-in for the event is at 3 pm sharp. All teams must be present and ready to roll out for the walking scavenger hunt in downtown Round Rock. The challenges will load and the start of the game will kick off at 3:30 pm sharp.

When you register for the event think of the team name ahead of time. Make sure you list the name of your team when you register in the NOTES section of the payment screen to ensure you play together MAX TEAM SIZE IS 6 participants. Again, you do not have to sign up as part of a team, we will make sure you make new friends and have a blast completing fun, zany and entertaining tasks.

What you need and how it works

The hunt will utilize a phone app you will need to download called GooseChase where each team will sign up for the hunt and will then load pictures or videos showing the team completing the assigned tasked built for this event. Bonus points will be given for creativity. At the midway point, we will meet at a local bar in downtown Round Rock to make sure everyone stays hydrated and refreshed on this journey. More information about the schedule and day of specifics will come as we draw closer to the event so make sure you have your email information correct when you sign up.

Sunday Funday Scavenger Hunt is a fundraiser to help support Future Fund. Future Fund is a giving circle of the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation. This giving circle has put more than $200,000 back into our community since its inception in 2007. You will learn a little more about Future Fund at the event and have a blast while giving back to our community. This event is open to everyone, so come join us on Sept 29.


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