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Every child deserves to feel special — especially when that child has nowhere else to go. Central Texas Table of Grace is a Round Rock-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter services to the children and youth in the foster care system. More than just a shelter, this group supplies a loving, nurturing, home-like environment for children ages 7-17, providing shelter and food as well as teaching healthy habits and life skills.

When a new child comes into Table of Grace’s care, he or she receives a welcome basket with toiletries, snacks, an MP3 player, comfort items, and a copy of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” For children and teens who arrive with very little to their name, these gifts let them know that they are loved and worthy.

Leadership Round Rock Class of 2019 is raising funds to allow Central Texas Table of Grace to provide personalized welcome baskets to youth who arrive at the emergency shelter. Please help us by donating below. For questions about donations or other inquiries, please contact leadershipRR2019@gmail.com


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  • Partial Basket: $50
  • Full basket for one child: $150
  • Full basket for two children: $300
  • Basket for sibling group: $500


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