Non Profit Incubator

The Greater Round Rock Community Foundation has a Nonprofit incubator program and is seeking potential participants. The incubator will enhance the regions nonprofit landscape by providing office space and other resources to new nonprofits or nonprofits new to the area. Care Communities a previous tenant in the program, had this to say, “The incubator program with Greater Round Rock Community Foundation has been invaluable to our outreach efforts within Williamson County. There was a time when two community happened to stop in to visit the Foundation and found the Care Communities to be the perfect match for their needs. The Foundation has been a wonderful resource as well in providing support and direction to our efforts within the County. We are grateful.”

Greater Round Rock Community Foundation welcomes nonprofits to their Incubator Program

What are the benefits to the nonprofits?

  • Office space (shared and furnished with a desk) and a conference room (based on availability)
  • Mailing address on Main Street indicates active and stable presence in the community
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Ongoing, individualized assistance aimed at: strategic planning and organizational development; fundraising; financial management; marketing and public relations; staff and volunteer management, and more
  • Linkage with other community resources
  • Administrative support

How are NPO partners chosen?

Application is made through a competitive grants process and the decision to offer support is made by the Board of Governors. It is open to non-profits organizations or causes. The agency’s programs must address current needs in the community and must include Round Rock and/or Williamson County in its service area.


How does it work?


NPO’s will need to complete an application demonstrating their desire to co-locate. The programs open to new NPO’s, or NPO’s new to the area, or existing organization needing additional space. The Foundation will accept up to three NPO partners in the program and each will contribute $150 per month. Each NPO must spend a minimum of 4 hours in the office each week. Office and conference rooms are reserved through the Communications Administrator. There is a minimum of six-month commitment. Once in the program, NPO’s meet with the Foundation staff to determine benchmarking events they hope to complete in the first six months. The Foundation staff assists the NPO in determining the needed resources to achieve their objectives and will work with them to meet those goals. The NPO’s continue to meet with the Foundation staff at least every six months to review past and future goals to ensure they meet their objectives. This is an initiative based on other successful models nationwide. Program parameters are intentionally broad and may be further defined and /or revised based on participant input during term of program.


Participant Application

Organization Name

Contact Name

Contact Title



Website (Example:

Please State Your Organization's Mission:

Brief description of services you provide/intend to provide:

Describe the populations you target/intend to target:

Explain why you feel there is a need for these services:

What other groups in the community are doing similar work or work that compliments your organization's proposed activities?

How will your program's services differ from those being offered by the organizations you mentioned above?

List your 5 primary goals for the program in the coming year:

How would you characterize your program's current development stage?
It is still in the "idea" phase.I/we have laid some initial groundwork for the program (ie, recruited advisory board members or volunteers, begun researching funding prospects, launched a pilot project) but have not yet begun operating.The program is currently operating and is in its start-up phase.The program is beyond the start-up phase (ie, it has been operating for more than one year).

Please provide the names of individuals who have worked with you in developing your program and a brief description of each person's role:

Has your organization formed a board?

If yes, how many persons serve on your advisory board?

Do you currently have a physical office dedicated to the organization in Round Rock?


Thank you for your interest in the program! All proposals must be approved by the Board of Governors of the Foundation. Should your application be considered to join the program, additional information such as financial statements and list of board members may be requested.