Good Neighbor Fund

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The Good Neighbor Fund is a community focused giving circle that connects people with a common interest in philanthropy. The mission of The Good Neighbor Fund is to invest in quality programs and organizations that directly impact our local community. Eligible recipients may include, but are not limited to, programs that promote education and opportunity for our neighbors in the Round Rock community.

A Community of Giving

Sponsored by the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation, The Good Neighbor fund is mostly made up of, but not exclusive to, neighbors in Greater Round Rock West.  They are individuals and couples at all stages of life who share a common interest of doing good in their community.

How does it work?

The Good Neighbor Fund provides the opportunity to collaborate with neighbors in a fun environment while also learning about local nonprofit organizations. The membership meets quarterly to learn about funding opportunities that align with The Good Neighbor Fund mission. Each couple or individual contributes $250:

  • $200 goes in the pool to grant
  • $25 goes to Greater Round Rock Community Foundation for administrative
  • $25 goes to the End of Year Event

Members pool their donations in order to make a greater impact and collectively decide how to donate the funds. It’s a very efficient way to give back, get involved, and invest in the future of our community.

The first meeting will be January or February 2017. More details coming soon.