Nancy Rabb moved to Round Rock in 1965 and has watched it grow from a quiet town of less than 5,000 residents to a city of more than 80,000.  After working tirelessly for many years with her husband to build a successful business in the Wag-A-Bag Convenience Stores, Nancy has definitely learned first hand what “community” means.  Wanting to ensure that her community continues to thrive into the future, she embraced the idea of the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation and agreed to serve as the first Chair of its Board of Governors.

And that’s why in 2004, when the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation was formed, Nancy made the first gift to the Unrestricted Fund to support the Foundation’s operations.  A woman of great practicality and common sense, Nancy liked the idea of giving an unrestricted gift that could be used as needed.

“The Foundation will build endowments to ensure the grants are always available to support the community.  I want to be a part of that effort.  As a business woman myself, I invest my money only where I know that it will produce a high rate of return.”