A successful businessman, community leader and former Mayor of Round Rock, Nyle Maxwell and his wife, Nancy, will tell you that community and family are strongly intertwined.  They carefully chose Nancy’s hometown of Round Rock to raise their four children – Trey, Marcy, Jeffrey and Grace – based on the solid family values of the Round Rock community. And, they been very active in the community through hands on public service and philanthropy.

When the Maxwell family began to search for something that would allow a simpler, more efficient way to give back and invest in their own community, and involve future generations in philanthropy, they found what they were looking for in the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation. This year, they created a Donor Advised Fund.  The family now comes together quarterly with the Foundation staff to discuss their priorities and to decide what causes they want to support. “This is a good way to carry on a tradition,” Nyle says. “I like the idea that our family fund involves all of us in making this a better place,”