In Dale’s Own Words:

“In a city that encourages education of its citizens, the library stands as the “free university” where people can learn by themselves or congregate to learn with each other. Not as formal as a college library, and less restrictive than the school library, the public library provides print and digital material for an entire city population. It has a cost-effective angle as well—compiling material for 100,000 residents to use, discuss, and share. Our youth program is excellent, serving the 50% of the households with school aged youth. Our computer and database access assists those looking for jobs or improving their skills.

The city has been good to me, allowing me to grow while the library and city grew. This donation, plus the Henry Lathin Library Foundation managed by the Friends of the Library through the Community Foundation, is a small start in improving library service to this very fast growing community, and continues to extend education and a sense of community to everyone in Round Rock. I hope others find the library worthwhile enough to continue to contribute to the Lathin Library Foundation.”